Strategic Studio with Design Thinking

Rickard Frank Studio believes in collaboration and change, and therefore uses a proven methodology developed by the Institute of Design at Stanford, USA, called Design Thinking.

Design thinking is all about locating users. Be empathetic, get to know them. Define problems they perceive. Make a prototype. Test. Execute. Start all over again.

This is a method of innovation that combines creative and analytical thinking and requires collaboration between different skills. The method helps people understand and develop creative solutions to specific business-oriented issues.

This version, with a Swedish twist, always guarantees an action plan. Design is not just about how something looks or how it feels. Design is about how something works.

Design is far too important to leave to designers.

Live Design

To achieve maximum power in minimal time, we offer a Live Design format adapted to create designs and prototypes in the present. During an intensive day ( or a few hours ), focusing on collaboration and change, we together develop complete design solutions and prototypes.

This method generates complete design within 24 hours.