Because Rickard Frank Studio believes in collaboration and change, we have a philosophy to work together with other creators around the world. Innovation projects, handmade bracelets and an art exhibition of the letter R are just a few examples.


Something to keep

Rickard Frank Studio has developed a limited collection of bracelets made in collaboration with Tärnsjö Garveri, Urskog and Ribes Läder. The goal has been to create an accessory that is nice today and will be even nicer over the years. Something that lasts as long as a memory.

The design idea is as simple as the execution is complicated. Every moment is done by hand and all materials are sustainable and of finest quality.

Read the story and buy at Frank Shop


Audacity Partners, London

Rickard Frank Studio collaborates in selected projects with the London-based Innovation and Design Studio Audacity Partners, run by Spanish innovator Alfredo Triviño.


The R Collection

As a symbol of cooperation and change, Rickard Frank Studios graphic identity is a joint art project, a collection of the letter R.

Colleagues, artists, clients, designers, friends, etc. are creating nice R for the collection, which is a live and ever-expanding exhibition under the @rickardfrankstudio Instagram account.