Norrterna. Graphic identity.

Gota Media. Editorial development 2019.

Primetime Live Quiz. Graphic identity.

Ui, The Swedish Institute of International Affairs. Graphic identity for online magazine ”Utrikesmagasinet”.

Karolinska Institutet. Graphic identity for ”Strategy 2030”.

The Nobel Prize. New digital platform that combines site and social media in the best possible way.

Asto, Santander UK. Site and social media in close interaction. Site, graphic identity and rating system.

El País, Madrid. The world’s largest business platform in Spanish by merging the finance section of, the CincoDías business site and the event site Retina.

Audacity Partners, London. Creative director for selected projects at the London-based Studio Audacity Partners, run by Spanish innovator Alfredo Triviño.

Bonnier News. Develop and strengthen the premium experience for Dagens Nyheters digital users.

DN VR. Launch Dagens Nyheters new VR project together with Google. 10,000 pairs of VR glasses were distributed to Dagens Nyheder’s digital subscribers.

Barber & Books, Stockholm. Design and graphic identity for a the barbershop and its products.