The Nobel Prize

Challenge: Develop a new digital platform that combines site and social media in the best possible way. A great journey from a historical archive to a platform focusing more on active storytelling about the Nobel Prize Laureates, their discoveries and how they have changed the world.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio was Creative Director in the Nobel team during the project. The design was developed in cooperation with Stockholm Design Lab. The website build was conducted by 10up in collaboration with Microsoft.

Insight: The power of visual content is fantastic. In a historical archive, containing a large amount of text documents, it’s necessary to create contrast using new visual stories. The mix of old and new content provides a whole new experience for the users.

Result: The Nobel Prize official site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube


Asto, Santander UK

Challenge: Create engagement and relationships with entrepreneurs and small business owners in order to convert them to users of the new Asto-app powered by Santander. Site and social media in close interaction.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio created design in the team led by Alfredo Triviño, who run the London-based Innovation Studio, Audacity Partners.

Insight: Communicating an app that is not yet available and creating engagement with users before the product can be downloaded is difficult. But with relevant content and a good combination of social media and site you can succeed.

Result: Site, FacebookTwitter, Linked in

Challenge: Create site, identity and rating system that brings together this fact-checking project from Sweden’s largest mediahouse, Dagens Nyheter, Sveriges Radio, Sveriges Television, Svenska Dagbladet and KIT. This new platform will contribute to an open, inclusive and fact-based public debate.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio created design, identity and graphical profile for site and social media. The website build was conducted by Wonderfour. The intense development took place through a selected team of representatives from all media houses.

Insight: Despite concerns that it would be difficult to get several major organizations to cooperate and agree, this project ran extremely smoothly thanks to a small project team that worked in an agile and transparent way.

Result: Site, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter


El País, Madrid

Challenge: Create the world’s largest business platform in Spanish by merging the finance section at, the CincoDías business site and the event site Retina.

Collaboration: The project was run by Rickard Frank Studio and Alfredo Triviño of the London-based Innovation Studio Audacity Partners, in close collaboration with editors, product owners and development teams in Madrid. The assignment included strategy, digital business development, concepts, project management and design/ux.

Insight: This cross-functional team of editors, developers and designers made this change together. Interesting to see that development time is being compressed as collaboration between different competencies becomes more intense.

Result: CincoDías and Retina


Audacity Partners, London

Rickard Frank Studio works as creative director for selected projects at the London-based Studio Audacity Partners, run by Spanish innovator Alfredo Triviño.

We stop. We see. We risk.

Audacity Partners is a London-based innovation studio, that specialises in media, entertainment and education — with a fintech love affair. Experts in content, design, experience and technology, we create print and digital products that are radically unique and multi-sensorial.

Our clients are: IBM, Panasonic, News Corp, Santander, Amplify, RTVE, The Times, Wall Street Journal, Top Right Group, WGSN, Cannes Lions Festival, El País ( PRISA ), Dubai Media Inc, Daily Mail & General Trust, Vocento, DC Thomson, Cambridge University Press, Lyx Street, Telefonica O2, El Español.


Bonnier News, Stockholm

Challenge: Develop and strengthen the premium experience for Dagens Nyheters digital users.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio as creative advisor to the Bonnier News department Digital Business Development. The mission included concept development, design studios and creative workshops.



Challenge: Launch Dagens Nyheters new VR project together with Google. 10,000 pairs of VR glasses were distributed to Dagens Nyheder’s digital subscribers.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio worked with the DN team continuously with the development of the app, the site, the design of VR glasses and finally communication and advertisements on launch.


Barber & Books, Stockholm

Challenge: Create design, identity and graphic profile for a new barbershop and its new products.

Collaboration: Rickard Frank Studio has created all designs in close collaboration with the team at Barber & Books in Stockholm.